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Keeping land and food safe is the utmost priority.

Agricultural chemicals exert their effects long term, incorporating into various ecological cycles. We can help you test the long-term, even multigenerational, effects of precursors, chemicals, or breakdown products in a rapid, affordable artificial soil model.

Harvesting Crop Field

We can help you test the long-term effects.

Scientific Publications

NemaLife chip: a micropillar-based microfluidic culture device optimized for aging studies in crawling C. elegans

NemaFlex: a microfluidics-based technology for standardized measurement of muscular strength of C. elegans

Effect of cannabidiol on the long-term toxicity and lifespan in the pre-clinical model Caenorhabditis elegans 

Agrochemicals FAQ

Can you replace lengthy and costly eartworm tests?


We think yes! While earthwomrs are segmented worms and C. elegans is a roundworm they are both soil animals, adapted to similar environments and responding to environmental changes in a similar fashion.

How affordable and rapid is a C. elegans assay?


Pricing depends on the volume and type of assay, in general we can share that C. elegans assays are up to 100 times cheaper and up to 24 times faster than equivalent mammalian assays.


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