Unleash the power of whole-life screening and data-driven intelligence

We offer efficient C. elegans screening systems for research laboratories with patented microfluidic technology. Automate manual steps, forget the worm pick and focus only on science!


Infinity Screening System


Whole-life studies with C. elegans are traditionally performed on agar plates. This approach is time-consuming due to animal transfers and manual scoring of animal response. It therefore does not scale favorably for high-throughput screening. NemaLife has developed the world’s first benchtop screening system that overcomes current challenges in conducting large-scale in vivo assays for applications in genetic and drug screens, toxicology, and mechanistic studies.



PhenoX is a portable, low cost and USB-powered C. elegans phenotyping system primarily designed for short term stress and behavioral assays. It works with the Infinity Chip and enables continuous image acquisition of the synchronized animal population. It's simplicity also makes it a great tool for STEM education and outreach.

PhenoX 1.png

Infinity Chip

The Infinity Chip is a disposable microfluidic chamber engineered to create a soil-like environment where C. elegans crawl with plate-like behaviors. It's benefits include:

  • Maintenance of life-long synchronized adult populations without using progeny-blocking drugs


  • Animals are fed and progeny are removed and
    collected at defined time-intervals

  • Drugs, stressors, non-biofilm forming microbes and RNAi can be added to the population at any time

  • Animals can be immobilized with anesthetics and Pluronic gel

  • Optical transparency of the chamber allows brightfield, darkfield, fluorescence, and confocal imaging

Edited%20Unit%20Image_edited.jpg is a cloud-based phenotypic analysis software that detects and tracks animals from videos collected from the Infinity Screening System or the PhenoX. The software is currently in beta testing.

Features of the software include:

  • Scalable, fast annotation and processing of videos.

  • Best in class machine learning algorithms trained on our manually curated internal data repository.

  • Capable of working in debris-laden background.

  • Multiple readouts such as live animal counts, activity cohorts, locomotory speed and behavioral measures.


AgeSync Kit

Everything a researcher needs to obtain up to 10,000 synchronized L1s in 15 mins without using any chemicals!


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