NemaLife hosted an educational session at the International C. elegans Conference

We launched new products and services to accelerate your research. Watch the recorded session below!

NemaLife, Inc hardware and software solutions can help improve the experimental throughput of your lab. Our microfluidic platforms reduce the need for intensive manual assays and our new software tools can speed up data analyses. Retire your worm picks with us!




Dr. Tom LaRocca

Assistant Professor

Health and Exercise Science

Center for Healthy Aging


“I expect this new system to become a gold standard for pharmacological testing of longevity compounds in C. elegans. It allows to test for effects on longevity without the need of FuDR and enables repeated and controlled dosing of compounds which is difficult or impossible with other systems”

Michael Petrascheck Ph.D.


“NemaLife provides a route to rapid and inexpensive dose-response assessment of pharmacological interventions, reduces manual labor associated with classical approaches to survival assays, and enables health evaluation over lifetime - increasing our throughput”

Monica Driscoll Ph.D.


"We were interested in NemaLife chips because they appear to allow individuals in liquid phase to exhibit behaviors similar to what they'd show on agar plates. It was very easy to order chips from Nemalife, and we've learned a lot working with these devices." 

Nicholas Stroustrup Ph.D.

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