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Level up your R&D pipeline with C. elegans

Have you ever wondered how to bring products to market 10x faster while reducing reliance on mammalian testing? Oh, and did we mention saving millions?

NemaLife Microfluidic Infinity Chip

How C. elegans Can Help

Evaluating novel ingredients in mammals takes years and can cost millions slowing down product development. 

We're here to change that.


Cost Savings

Using mammals for testing costs at least 10x more than using nematodes with our patented microfluidic chip. Yes, worms work.

Product Timeline Acceleration

We bring products to market 10x faster than traditional methods of research and development. Time is money.

Evolving AI Innovations

Our engineers are innovative, always evolving platforms for us and our partners. Visionaries are never stagnant.



Consumers appreciate when we reduce testing on mammals for products they care about.

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