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Whole-life studies with C. elegans are traditionally performed on agar-plates. This approach is time consuming due to animal transfers and manual scoring of animal response, and therefore, does not scale favorably for high throughput screening. At NemaLife, we have developed the world’s first benchtop screening system that overcomes current challenges in conducting large-scale in vivo assays for applications in genetic and
drug screens, toxicology, and mechanistic studies.

The Infinity Desktop Screening System

The workflow involves loading adult animals in the Infinity chip, followed by washing, feeding and imaging using the Infinity processor, and finally data analysis with the Infinity code.

Infinity chip

The Infinity chip is a disposable microfluidic chamber that is engineered to create a soil-like environment where C. elegans crawl with plate-like behaviors.

Key benefits of this chip are:

  • Maintenance of life-long synchronized adult populations without using progeny-blocking drugs

  • Animals are fed, and progeny are removed and collected at defined time-intervals

  • Drugs, stressors and RNAi can be added at any time to the population

  • Animals can be immobilized with anesthetics and pluronic gel

  • Optical transparency of the chamber allows brightfield, darkfield, fluorescence and confocal imaging

Infinity processor

The Infinity processor is a benchtop machine that controls fluid flow to the Infinity chip and enables image acquisition of the synchronized animal population.

Key features of this system are:

  • Two chips can be processed at a time on the machine

  • Programmable regimens of feeding and reagent addition

  • Collection of progeny for downstream analysis and multi-generational studies

  • Time-lapse imaging can be performed with images directly saved to the cloud

Infinity code

Infinity code is a video analysis software that detects and tracks animals.

Current features of the software include​:

  • Batches of hundreds of videos can be processed in one go

  • Capability of annotation to correct for false positives

  • Readouts such as live animal counts and body sizes

  • More features to be added soon

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