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Longevity Biotechnology

Our unique in vivo technology is the perfect choice to test the whole-life effect of your lead compounds.

Thanks to our age-mimetic, high throughput platform we can economically screen entire chemical libraries or their combinations so you can quickly find the best anti-aging and rejuvenation candidates.


Scientific Publications

Longevity Biotechnology FAQ

Why should I use the C. elegans model for longevity studies?


C. elegans is the most suitable model for whole-life in vivo screening due to its short lifespan and well-known biology. Using low-cost and rapid C. elegans longevity assays can cut the time and financial requirements of the development process a dozen and up to 100-fold, respectively.

Have compounds with translational relevance been identified or tested in C. elegans for longevity benefits?


The vast majority of chemical compounds, more than 300, with anti-aging benefits have been identified and tested first in C. elegans. Candidates such as NAD+, metformin and urolithin have been tested in humans and are being (or have been) commercialized.


Scientific Publications

NemaLife chip: a micropillar-based microfluidic culture device optimized for aging studies in crawling C. elegans.

NemaFlex: a microfluidics-based technology for standardized measurement of muscular strength of C. elegans.

Tart Cherry Increases Lifespan in Caenorhabditis elegans by Altering Metabolic Signaling Pathways.

Senotherapeutic peptide reduces skin biological age and improves skin health markers

Effect of cannabidiol on the long-term toxicity and lifespan in the pre-clinical model Caenorhabditis elegans 

Longevity Biotechnology FAQ

If my company orders a study through the screening service, how soon could we expect to receive the results?


Study time varies with volume and the type of testing ordered.
A typical whole-life study lasts about 6 weeks, short term and stress assays take about 2 weeks, including report writing.

I've heard about C elegans screening services in the past. What makes NemaLife different?


Our proprietary technology creates a highly sensitive, immersive testing environment, which allows us to test drugs at comparable concentrations to in-vitro and in vivo mammalian models. In addition, we offer multifactorial diversity assays that no other routine preclinical model currently offer.

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