Accelerate your research with data-driven intelligence was built with the best in class machine learning algorithms and we trained the software with our curated datasets, generated in-house. Our latest analytical platform is online, more robust than ever, and can work with data from hundreds of experiments.


Picked the best in class machine learning algorithm to be part of our new analytical platform

Algorithms will be updated on regular basis to ensure they remain best in class

Lives in the cloud

Can handle debris-laden background

Worm tracking will enable analyses of behavioral data


Currently in Beta testing

Scientific Publications

NemaLife chip: a micropillar-based microfluidic culture device optimized for aging studies in crawling C. elegans.

NemaFlex: a microfluidics-based technology for standardized measurement of muscular strength of C. elegans.

Tart Cherry Increases Lifespan in Caenorhabditis elegans by Altering Metabolic Signaling Pathways.

Senotherapeutic peptide reduces skin biological age and improves skin health markers

Effect of cannabidiol on the long-term toxicity and lifespan in the pre-clinical model Caenorhabditis elegans FAQ

Can work with videos from other sources?

ANSWER has been optimized to work with videos of worms taken using either the Infinity Screening System or PhenoX imaging platforms. However, can work with any videos of C. elegans as long the image quality allows segmentation and classification of the worms.

What does measure? What outputs does it generate?

ANSWER is designed to give accurate counts of live/dead status of worms in a video and various behavioral metrics of tracked worms, including speed, posture, and body morphology.

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