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The New Standard
in Product Development

Current methods are slow, costly, and outdated. We're here to change that.

Every year, Earth's finite resources are spent on outdated, decades-old technologies. 

Current research and development methods use 100 million mice per year during testing and release 80 million tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere annually.

Mammalian testing costs millions and can take years to get results. This method slows down timelines, increases costs, and reduces total ROI. 


Cost Savings

Using mammals for testing costs at least 10x more than using nematodes with our patented microfluidic chip. Yes, worms work.

Evolving AI Innovations

Our engineers are innovative, always evolving platforms for us and our partners. Visionaries are never stagnant.

Product Timeline Acceleration

We bring products to market 10x faster than traditional methods of research and development. Time is money.

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Consumers appreciate when we reduce testing on mammals for products they care about.

Our TechBio Platforms are disrupting multiple markets and our deliberate phased approach shows enormous revenue potential.

Growth Timeline & Market Projections

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We Take Pride in Our Numbers


Tonnes of CO2 Reduced


Mammals Saved


Ingredients Tested


Watts of Energy Saved


Liters of Water Saved

Our Team of Experts

Who we work with

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