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December 2023 Industry News

Most Biology Happens Out of Sight. Experience the Magic of Living Proof with NemaLife.

NemaLife's patented organism-on-chip platform captures leaky gut at high definition providing living proof of the efficacy of functional ingredients to improve gut health.  Nematodes with a healthy gut (left image) retain gut barrier integrity with the green dye restricted to the intestinal lumen, while those with an unhealthy gut (right image), experience the blue dye leaking to other body tissues. Read More 


Experts Urge NIH to Ditch Animal Models for Human-Based Research  

A coalition of experts has urged the NIH to prioritize non-animal research models, citing the unreliability and inefficiency of animal models. They advocate for divestment from animal models in areas where their predictive accuracy for human outcomes is lacking and for prioritizing advanced models that better reflect human biology and risk factors.  Read More 


Machine Learning: A Microbiologist's Toolkit for Unraveling Microbial Mysteries

Machine learning is becoming increasingly important in microbiology, with applications ranging from predicting antibiotic resistance to identifying host-microorganism interactions. This Review provides a practical guide for microbiologists to understand and apply machine learning techniques in their research.  Read More 


Carrot-Derived Polyacetylene: A Natural Elixir for Health and Age-Defying Benefits

This study unveils isofalcarintriol, a newly identified compound in carrot roots, promoting longevity in C. elegans. With a defined structure, it enhances mitochondrial function, reduces cancer cell growth, and improves health parameters in mice, suggesting its potential as a mitohormesis-inducing compound for aging-related diseases in humans. Read More 


A New Dietary Ingredient Database for Unlocking Health Insights

The Office of Dietary Supplements (ODS) focuses on advancing research and disseminating information on dietary supplements to optimize health. Their databases, the Dietary Supplement Label Database (DSLD) and the Dietary Supplement Ingredient Database (DSID) provide valuable insights into supplement products, helping healthcare providers, researchers, and federal agencies ensure product accuracy and safety. Ongoing efforts involve aiming to enhance database capabilities and address research gaps.  Read More 


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