Prioritize your compounds
for mammalian studies

We offer custom high throughput screening services in humanized worm disease models. We employ microfluidic automation and distributed imaging to perform whole-life screening of thousands of compounds. We harness data-intelligence tools to provide phenotypic information related to changes in the neuromuscular system, behavior, reproductive system, healthspan and lifespan. Such comprehensive information will enable you to prioritize costly drug studies in mammalian models.

Disease Models

About 250 human disease-causing genes can be modeled in C. elegans. Here are some examples of disease models in which we offer services.

Rare genetic diseases

Parkinson’s disease

Muscular dystrophies

Huntington’s disease

Alzheimer’s disease

Microbial infections

Screening Capabilities

Our workhorse for screening is the Infinity System which is capable of conducting 100 – 1000 in vivo assays per month depending on screening criteria and conditions.

Our Approach Offers




Data-Driven Intelligence

Our data analysis pipeline gives tissue-level and organism-level insights that will be critical for our customers to assess compound bioavailability and toxicity prior to costly and time-consuming mammalian studies.

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