Affordable, Rapid and Scalable In Vivo Testing for the Price of In Vitro Assays

Our proprietary technology helps you save on costs and accelerate product development by offering actionable data. Learn more about industry-specific benefits tailored to your needs.


Probiotics and Postbiotics ᴺᴱᵂ

Radically transform the R&D process of novel Probiotics and Postbiotics

The probiotic industry faces two major bottlenecks creating an enormous need for category disruptive innovation. First, the functional characterization of novel microbiome bacteria severely lags the ability to culture and identify them. Second, our understanding of the role of microbiome in human health is still in its infancy.

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Lower the risks of the pharmaceutical drug development process!

NemaLife identified key gaps in the drug discovery and preclinical testing phases that cannot be addressed affordably using current methods. We developed a platform that more realistically models the human population. Screening with our technology from the beginning or testing candidates in the pre-IND discovery phase potentially reduces the unforeseen toxicity and lack of efficacy issues during clinical trials.


Longevity Biotechnology

Our unique in vivo technology is the perfect choice to test the whole-life effect of your lead compounds. Thanks to our age-mimetic, high throughput platform we can economically screen entire chemical libraries so you can quickly find the best anti-aging and rejuvenation candidates.



Offer your customers peace of mind using the most realistic non-vertebrate in vivo model for product development. Customers increasingly demand thoroughly tested, safe supplements with proven benefits, whether natural or human-made. We offer an affordable solution for evidence-based product development and ingredient testing.


Food and Beverages

We are what we eat. We can help you understand the short- and long-term effects of the functional ingredients in your final product. With our rapid formulation and safety testing you can provide the best to your customers.

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Cannabis and psychedelics

The whole-organism effects of consuming cannabis, hemp products, and the development of next-generation psychedelics require a sophisticated testing method due to their endless chemical complexity. Examine the functional, short and long-term effects of your extracts and compounds using our proprietary in vivo technology.

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