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The New Standard
in Product Development


Preclinical discovery and R&D are slow, costly, and outdated.

We're here to change that.



Why we're  different

We are changing the way the world thinks about the discovery and development of safe and effective ingredients.


Every year, Earth's finite resources are spent on outdated, decades-old technologies. 

NemaLife is a TechBio company that is accelerating the pace of ingredient discovery and development using proprietary high throughput technologies.


We partner with companies that care about delivering safe, healthy and sustainable products by leveraging our innovative platforms to unlock transformative business potential.

Experience  the difference

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Cost Savings

Evaluating novel ingredients in mammals takes years and can cost millions slowing down product development.

Our patented organism-on-chip technology reduces costs by 10x.

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Product Timeline Acceleration

We help bring products to market 10x faster than traditional methods of research and development. 

Working with our partners, our platform has been validated with many ingredient classes, and several of their products are now entering into clinical trials.


Evolving AI Solutions

Our innovative team is continually evolving our technology to develop custom R&D solutions for our partners.


Our AI-enabled platforms bring unprecedented scale and efficiency thanks to the combination of world-class AI and our patented microfluidic organism-on-chip platform.

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Cruelty Free.png

Sustainability Through Miniaturization

More than 100 million mice are used annually for evaluating new product safety and efficacy. Our organism-on-chip technology is reducing reliance on mammals and helping the world move towards cruelty-free products.

Taking proper care of mammals consumes significant energy and water resources. We see a future where most of the world’s ingredients will be evaluated sustainably - the NemaLife way.


We Take Pride in Our Impact

We are changing the sustainability game on evaluating ingredients and conserving planetary resources.


Tonnes  of CO2  Reduced


Mammals Saved


Ingredients Tested


Watts of Energy Saved


Liters of Water Saved

Who We Work With

Great Companies Make   Great Partners

Explore our Partnership Options

Discover IP-protected ingredients and generate validation data to move to clinical trials.

Develop and deploy AI-assisted microfluidic platforms that deliver category-defining strategic value.

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