Unlocking the Mysteries of Life

NemaLife is defining a new paradigm for functional chemical screens in whole organisms with the aim of improving the quality of life on a healthy planet. Our screening pipeline delivers rapid, affordable, and actionable whole-life data empowering diverse industries.

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Unlocking Business Potential

Affordable and rapid in vivo testing

NemaLife brings low-cost whole organism assays early into the product development cycle thereby de-risking business investments. We offer in vivo testing and screening services to a variety of industries and provide actionable data at the price and scale of in vitro assays.


Unlocking Scientific Discoveries

Accelerating academic research

NemaLife allows you to focus on the science by offering innovative microfluidic products for C. elegans assays. Retire your worm-pick and eliminate tedious benchwork.

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Unlocking Whole-Life Screening

We created the world’s smallest in vivo assay format

NemaLife’s screening platform overcomes the challenges of conducting large-scale life-long in vivo assays by harnessing the power of microfluidics, automation, computer vision and data-driven intelligence to deliver functional insights at an unprecedented pace.


 Meet the Team

Unbreakable team spirit of innovation.

With many years of experience in biology, physics and engineering, our team realized that we could automate the laborious process of conducting whole organism, whole-life testing. With years of research, we developed a flexible, scalable platform that revolutionizes chemical testing. First, we automated assays based on the gold standard biological model C. elegans, but we don’t stop here, we keep innovating.