Unlocking the Mysteries of Life

NemaLife’s mission is to work with the biotech and scientific community to unlock the mysteries of life by identifying molecules that promote healthy human life. 

Unleash the Power of
Whole-Life Screening

NemaLife has developed a large-scale technology for whole-life studies in the worm C. elegans creating a new paradigm in high throughput screening. Our approach involves tracking the response of animals to thousands of interventions across life providing critical information on healthspan and overall survival. This discovery engine is expected to unleash new genetic targets and drugs for improving quality of life.

Industrialize In Vivo Screening
at a Scale Never Seen Before

NemaLife’s exponential technology, the Infinity Screening System, harnesses the power of microfluidics, automation, computer vision and data-driven intelligence to deliver insights on animal healthspan, behavior and survival at an unprecedented pace. Key features of the technology include automated life-long culture of animals, flexibility to feed compounds at any time, and capture of animal video biographies.


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