Infinity Screening
System Platform

A flexible, scalable, high-throughput microfluidic platform

We created a future proof life sciences platform by combining the top-notch technologies of our age. Microfluidics, lab automation, machine learning aided image analysis, and data intelligence are some of the powerful technologies that we master to evolve with the demands of a rapidly changing world.


C. elegans is an established model organism for biological research, disease modeling, and drug discovery. We at NemaLife know how laborious it can be to conduct whole-life assays and screening with C. elegans. Relying on our in-house microfluidics fabrication plant with funding from NIH, NSF, and NASA, we developed our patented core technology that offers unique benefits compared to agar, microplate, and even other microfluidics-based technologies.


Get a glimpse of the core platform technology by watching how our in vivo platform revolutionizes whole organism testing

NemaLife Technology Unites the Benefits of In Vitro and In Vivo testing


NemaLife uses a scalable modular approach to increase throughput and eliminate bottlenecks. Automation keeps costs low and prices competitive. Every day we work with our clients to develop new assays and even entirely new testing platforms. If you can't find the assay, you are looking for, email us or schedule a consultation with our experts.

Current offerings

Safety assays

safety assays.png
  • Safety and efficacy

  • Predictive toxicology

  • Drug discovery (screening)

  • Formulation studies

  • Longevity assays

  • Genetic diversity testing

  • Environmental monitoring

    (soil, water, air pollution)

functional assays.png

Functional assays