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May 4, 2022

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NemaLife is excited to announce a strategic technology development partnership and investment with Motif Foodworks. This partnership will accelerate the use of NemaLife’s unique in vivo testing and protein characterization platform within the food and beverage industry. Our proprietary technology enables Motif to test its novel ingredients early on in the R&D cycle using ultra-low sample volumes. This allows Motif to de-risk product development in the search for the safest and best functional food technologies with improved taste, texture, and nutrition.

Apr 19, 2022

DEA registered NemaLife Inc. to work with Schedule 1 substances

NemaLife Inc., completed its DEA schedule 1 registration. If you have scheduled compounds (schedule 1-5) to test reach out to our expert for a free consultation.


April 7, 2022

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Interview with Dhaval Patel

The AI trend has been growing within the food, beverage and nutraceuticals industries for about five years, as competitors race to find the next plant-based proteins, supercultures for fermentation and bioactives hidden in the plant kingdom.

April, 2022

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools for Substance Use Disorders (SUD) drug discovery and development

Our project combines NemaLife’s microfluidic in vivo screening platform with new AI tools to perform high-throughput behavioral screens to identify new therapeutics for cocaine addiction.

Jan 18, 2022

DEA registered NemaLife Inc. to work with Schedule 2-5 substances

NemaLife Inc., completed its DEA schedule 2-5 registration. If you have scheduled compounds to test reach out to our expert for a free consultation.


June, 2020

New Approaches for Incorporating Genetic Diversity into Toxicity Testing

Our study aims to combine state-of-the art advances in microfluidics, computer vision, laboratory automation and a massively curated genetically diverse nematode species to produce a new screening approach capable of testing thousands of chemicals relevant to agriculture, nutraceutical and biotech markets.

April, 2020

Testing Lifespan/Healthspan-Extension Interventions in the Models of Alzheimer’s Disease (AD/ADRD)

Our multi-prong approach is expected to de-risk drug failure in mammalian AD models. In summary, we will use a novel NemaLife technology to identify a subset of pharmacological longevity interventions will exert neuroprotection against AD-relevant stresses.

March 26, 2020

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Screenshot_2020-11-21 Chemical screening to find hidden Longevity gems - Longevity Technol
Interview with Marton Toth

"We’ve started providing small-scale services for billion dollar companies in this space who are testing our services, The obvious primary target markets are cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies – their current models and operation offer the most seamless integration of our services. All the global pharmaceutical companies are sitting on hundreds of thousands of chemicals in their compound libraries that could be tested for their Longevity effects, but there’s no viable technology for that at the moment.”

Jan 10, 2020

Screenshot_2020-11-22 NemaLife chip a mi
NemaLife chip: a micropillar-based microfluidic culture device optimized for aging studies in crawling C. elegans

C. elegans lifespan measurement in a microfluidic environment requires mimicking plate-like behaviors with the capacity to remove progeny.


Dec 6, 2019

Screenshot_2020-11-21 $100,000 Awarded t
$100,000 Awarded to High-Performing Texas Tech Startups

NemaLife: A company that developed a platform technology for high throughput drug discovery and toxicology in small animals.

Dec 4, 2019

Screenshot_2020-11-21 S2E4 Siva Vinapall
Screenshot_2020-11-21 S2E4 Siva Vinapall
Interview with Siva Vinapalli

Katherine White sits down with Siva Vanapalli, a professor of chemical engineering at Texas Tech University and also Co-founder and CEO of Nemalife, a biotech and scientific community dedicated to identifying molecules that promote healthy human life. In this podcast they discuss how the Innovation Hub at Research Park helped launch his company.

Nov 17, 2019

Screenshot_2020-11-21 People helping peo
Screenshot_2020-11-21 People helping peo
People helping people is core of Texas Tech Innovation Hub

Start-up NemaLife evolves from platform technology to services provider to identify chemicals that have both positive and negative effects on Longevity.