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May 2024 Industry News

NemaLife Debuts New Discovery Flywheel and Efficacy Matrix for Screening Bioactive Ingredients

NemaLife Inc. has unveiled the NemaLife Discovery Flywheel and Efficacy Matrix, powered by its patented AI-driven organism-on-chip platform. Utilizing C. elegans, microfluidics, and visual AI, these tools offer rapid, multi-dimensional screening of bioactives for health benefits such as stress resilience, cognitive health, gut health, metabolic health, muscle performance, and longevity. The Efficacy Matrix visualizes bioactive effects, enabling quick identification of promising ingredients. This innovation aims to advance bioactive candidates from pre-clinical trials to human studies in under 100 days, significantly reducing cost and risk. NemaLife's platform aims to transform the food-as-medicine industry by accelerating the discovery and development of ingredients for human health and wellness. Read More 


Nestlé Introduces Vital Pursuit Brand to Support GLP-1 Users, Consumers Focused on Weight Management


Nestlé introduces Vital Pursuit, a new food line tailored for GLP-1 weight loss medication users and those focused on weight management. High in protein and fiber, and rich in essential nutrients, these portion-controlled products support a balanced diet. As GLP-1 medications reshape weight management, Nestlé aims to meet this growing need. CEO Steve Presley emphasizes the company’s commitment to accessible, great-tasting foods that align with consumers’ health journeys. Available in Q4, Vital Pursuit will offer 12 SKUs at select retailers nationwide. Read More 


Accelerating Bioactive Discovery for Human and Planetary Health Using Artificial Intelligence and Animal-Free Testing


This research article provides an overview of current approaches to bioactive discovery, and how AI is advancing this field. The global health crisis of metabolic and age-related diseases, affecting over a billion people have warranted new food-based approaches to proactively manage health. The integration of AI in high-throughput screening accelerates the discovery of bioactives, reducing costs and time. The use of Caenorhabditis elegans as an ethical, efficient model for preclinical studies is highlighted, with NemaLife's AI-powered platform enabling scalable, high-throughput bioactive screening. This approach is aligned with global sustainability goals and offers more effective natural solutions to improve human health. Read More


Lactobacillus paracasei subsp. paracasei 2004 improves health and lifespan in Caenorhabditis elegans


Recent research underscores the significance of the gut microbiome in aging, with probiotics promoting gut health. This study investigated the effects of several novel lactic acid bacteria on the health and lifespan of C. elegans. It was found that certain bacteria, specifically L. acidophilus 1244 and L. paracasei subsp. paracasei 2004, enhanced the health of the worms. Supplementation with these strains improved food consumption, motility, and resistance to oxidative stress. RNA-seq analysis revealed that L. paracasei subsp. paracasei 2004 increased the expression of daf-16, a gene related to stress response, and that the deletion of daf-16 negated the longevity benefits. These findings suggest that L. paracasei subsp. paracasei 2004 enhances health and lifespan in C. elegans through a DAF-16-dependent pathway. Read More 


NemaLife’s AI platform shortens ingredient pre-clinical discovery from years to weeks


NutraIngredients has featured the NemaLife Discovery Flywheel and the Efficacy Matrix in their latest article, expanding on how these new tools can bring revolutionary impact of AI on the nutrition industry. These tools enable pre-clinical trials of bioactives in few weeks, with the ability to evaluate six health benefits concurrently. This approach amplifies the probability of ingredient success 6-fold while reducing time and costs for product development. The Discovery Flywheel opens innovation opportunities for companies in the functional ingredient market, which include identification of new health indications for existing ingredients, screening virgin bioactive libraries and up-cycled side streams, and defining combinations with synergistic benefits. Read More 



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