Our Story

We are a group of enthusiastic scientists and engineers who noticed in the mid-2010s that most biology labs still use manual methods to conduct life sciences research. We set out to create higher throughput, more reproducible, and efficient technologies to streamline lab experiments. Biology is an expensive field, though, so we chose to use a well-established, low-cost biological model that still has world-changing potential, the nematode C. elegans. Aging is a global challenge for humanity, and anti-aging drugs are hard to develop due to the lack of rapid and affordable whole-life screening systems. C. elegans is the most suitable model to create a whole-life screening technology due to its short lifespan and well-known biology. By 2019, we laid the foundation of the C. elegans screening platform, and we were ready to commercialize the technology. Then we started our journey to tackle the anti-aging drug development challenge and, most recently, to revolutionize chemical safety and efficacy testing. Relying on our engineering and science proves NemaLife is going to operate in a constant cycle of innovation, with the potential to transform several industries.



Siva Vanapalli

Co-founder & CEO


Mizanur Rahman

Co-founder & CTO


Marton Toth

Chief Business Officer

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Grant Campany

Chief Financial Officer


Nicki Vanapalli

Co-founder, Head of Business Administration


Kellen Ketchersid


Director of Operations

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Dhaval Patel

Director of Research and Innovation


Siddhartha Gupta

Principal Software Architect


Pragya Srivastava

Research Scientist, Complex Systems


Adnan Qureshi

Project Scientist


Nishat Anjum

Research Engineer


Taslim Anupom

Microsystems Engineer

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