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Our Story

We are a group of enthusiastic scientists, engineers, and developers passionate about creating breakthrough technologies that lead to new discoveries. We are excited to solve problems that have scale, with our solutions having a global impact.

Our journey started with creating a technology that delivers human-relevant in vivo data in the extreme and resource-constrained environment of the International Space Station. We are now poised to transform discovery pipelines in multiple industries to develop products at light speed.

Quick Facts


Years of Microfluidics & Engineering Expertise


Years of Worm Biology Expertise


Full-Time Employees


Employees with a Ph.D.


We’re based in Lubbock, Texas

Where it all started.

Our Purpose

To Change the World of R&D

We have a team of deep knowledge experts spanning multiple disciplines to engineer AI-driven microfluidic platforms that can visualize and digitize hard-to-see material processes. These fluidic engines are expected to radically transform discovery by operating extremely efficiently and extracting contextual data at scale. The knowledge generated will unleash the next generation of safe, nutritious, and sustainable products that improve the quality of life on a healthy planet. 


Our People

Siva Vanapalli_edited.jpg
Siva Vanapalli.jpeg

Siva Vanapalli, Ph.D.

Chief Executive Officer


Mizanur Rahman_bw.jpg
Mizanur Rahman.png

Mizanur Rahman, Ph.D.

Chief Technology Officer


Marton Toth_bw.jpg
Marton Toth.jpeg

Marton Toth, Ph.D.

Chief Business Officer

Grant Campany_edited.jpg
Grant Campany.jpeg

Grant Campany

Chief Financial Officer

Nicki Vanapalli_bw.jpg
Nicki Vanapalli.png

Nicki Vanapalli

Head of Business Administration


Kellen Ketchersid_bw.jpg
Kellen Ketchersid.jpg

Kellen Ketchersid

Director of Operations

Dhaval Patel_bw.jpg
Dhaval Patel.jpeg

Dhaval Patel, Ph.D.

Director of

Research & Innovation

Taslim Anupom_bw.jpg
Taslim Anupom.jpg

Taslim Anupom, Ph.D.

Lead Platform Developer

Adnan Qureshi_edited.jpg
Adnan Qureshi.jpg

Adnan Qureshi, Ph.D.

Discovery Team Lead

Pragya Srivastava..png

Pragya Srivastava, Ph.D

Research Scientist

Nikesh Prajapati_bw.jpg
Nikesh Prajapati.jpg

Nikesh Prajapati

Full Stack

Software Engineer

Michael Azatian_bw.jpg
Michael Azatian.jpg

Michael Azatian

Data Analyst Team Lead

Tyler Chiriboga_bw.jpg
Tyler Chiriboga.jpg

Tyler Chiriboga

Firmware Developer II

Pedro Gonzalez_bw.jpg
Pedro Gonzalez.jpg

Pedro Gonzalez Cruz, Ph.D.

Research Specialist IV

Kylie Harman_bw.jpg
Kylie Harman

Kylie Harman

Research Specialist II

Chad Evans_bw.jpg
Chad Evans

Chad Evans

Research Specialist I

Caleigh Popp_bw.jpg
Caleigh Popp

Caleigh Popp

Marketing Specialist

Jordan Arce_bw.jpg
Jordan Arce.jpg

Jordan Arce

Data Analyst

Levi Final_edited.jpg
Levi Final.jpeg

Levi Glover

Business Development Associate

Join Our Team

It takes the world's best talent to change the world.

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