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Blue Smoke


We build relationships with companies who care about sustainable innovation.

Creating Competitive Edge

Competitive edge lies in discovery and validation. NemaLife helps partners achieve this by accelerating and de-risking their product development pipelines.

We have proven our capabilities with global brands and startups alike in the food, nutraceutical, probiotics, and pharmaceutical space.

We engage with our partners in two ways, as discussed below.





Ingredients Tested


Ingredients in Clinical Trials

Technology Partnerships

Technology Partnerships

We work with innovators that want to transform their entire industry. 


Discovery and validation of new products is often a slow process, taking many years due to specific bottlenecks in the R&D pipeline. NemaLife's engineering team has deep expertise in building turnkey solutions that integrate custom microfluidics, liquid handling, machine vision, artificial intelligence, and software development. These integrated platforms give our partners strategic value and a competitive edge with new market-defining applications. 

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