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One Architecture,
                      Multiple Platforms

We build our platforms harnessing advances in microfluidics and AI

TechBio is an emerging paradigm that combines different engineering solutions to drive data-driven discovery. Using this paradigm, we created a universal layered architecture that enables multiple-AI-assisted microfluidic platforms. 


Each platform incorporates patented microfluidic chips designed to fit market-specific needs. Technology layers, including machine vision, deep neural networks, edge computing, and cloud databases, are seamlessly woven to create fluidic discovery engines. 

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Meet Our Most Advanced Platform

The Organism-On-Chip Platform for High Throughput In Vivo Screening

  INFINITY 2.0 is our engine for high-throughput ingredient discovery and validation. This platform has been validated across a range of ingredient classes, identifying lead candidates in a fraction of the time and cost of mammalian studies.

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What the platform offers

Human relevancy combined with speed and efficiency

Healthy Aging
Stress Resistance
Reproductive Health
Gut Health
Muscle Health
Cognitive Health
Acute Toxicity
Chronic Toxicity
Developmental Toxicity
Transgenerational Toxicity
Reproductive Toxicity
Custom Assays

How We Do It

Infinite Possibilities

How We Do It

We use the planet’s best studied organism to deliver human-relevant biological data

We know more about the biology of the worm C. elegans than any animal on the planet. C. elegans biology is highly conserved with humans, providing a translatable framework for predicting the effects of new ingredients on human metabolism and physiology. This invertebrate approach helps us to move towards cruelty-free products.

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C. elegans is only 1 millimeter in length and weighs about 1,000,000 times less than a mouse. This small size enables microfluidic manipulation of worms resulting in enormous savings in energy and water usage.

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A single worm consumes a billion times less biomass per day than a mouse. Our studies typically use about 1 mg of sample per day, which helps reduce the material requirements needed for early R&D.

C. elegans Lifespan.png

C. elegans has a 3-week lifespan, 35x shorter than a mouse. This difference in lifespan dramatically reduces the timeline and cost of whole-life studies.

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C. elegans  has short reproductive cycle of 3 days and each worm can produce ~250 progeny.  We can go from 1 worm to >60,000 in less than a week, enabling very large sample sizes to generate statistically reliable safety and efficacy data.

NemaLife Microfluidic Infinity Chip

Our patented microfluidic technology enables scalable worm husbandry and efficient ingredient delivery

Our innovative engineering and creative designs deliver microfluidic devices with novel functionality. 

We maintain worms across life in microfluidic chambers automating animal husbandry. This eliminates the intensive labor associated with long-term studies.

Our platform can test hundreds of ingredients in parallel in microfluidic chambers with ultra-low volumes of reagents.

Micropillars enable natural crawling behavior

Sieve channels allow progeny removal

Efficient ingredient delivery due to liquid environment

Our AI analyzes videos at scale, digitizing the worm’s response to ingredients

Our platform uses machine vision to capture the effect of ingredients on worm biology.


Deep neural networks and edge computing enable real-time analysis of videos to extract data at scale.


Based on the study design, the AI can quantify a range of different metrics, such as survival rates, locomotory activity for whole-life studies, or motivational states for behavioral assays

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Innovate with efficiency to take your R&D to the next level

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