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NemaLife Unveils Strategic Advisory Board for Pioneering Sustainable AI-Powered Ingredient Solutions

Leading TechBio Innovator Gains Guidance from Global Experts to Revolutionize Ingredient Discovery

NemaLife Inc. is a TechBio company that uses proprietary artificial intelligence and microfluidics to transform the discovery and development of bioactives. NemaLife is thrilled to announce the formation of its Strategic Advisory Board (SAB), comprising industry and science leaders from diverse domains. The SAB will play a pivotal role in guiding NemaLife's mission to revolutionize ingredient discovery across functional foods, sports nutrition, animal health, and pharmaceuticals.

Traditional development of natural bioactives into products has been inefficient in terms of time, resources, and quality. Moreover, in vivo testing is becoming less accepted because of animal welfare concerns. NemaLife addresses both challenges by multiplexing and automating in vivo compound testing in a well-characterized nematode model system with high relevance for human biology. NemaLife is thus uniquely positioned to tap into nature’s richness of bioactives and can leverage this treasure of solutions for human, animal, and planetary health.

The CEO of NemaLife, Siva Vanapalli, Ph.D., Professor at Texas Tech University, says, "NemaLife has reached an inflection point as its platform has been successful in advancing candidate bioactives from discovery via in vivo testing into human clinical trials. Now, the company is entering the next phase, positioning itself as a global leader in ingredient and supplement innovation, transforming its value and attractiveness as a strategic innovation partner and investment target. I am excited that our Strategic Advisory Board brings together a wealth of expertise, shaping NemaLife's trajectory towards innovation, sustainability, and excellence. Together, we aim to redefine the landscape of ingredient discovery, offering solutions that contribute to healthier people on a healthier planet.”

Meet the Strategic Advisory Board Members

Martin Kussmann, Ph.D., Chairman of the SAB, with accomplished dual corporate/academic career in nutrition, pharma, and biotechnology with stints at Nestlé, EPF Lausanne, Aarhus University, and Auckland University.

"I am excited to chair the SAB with distinguished members to provide strategic counsel and expertise and propel NemaLife's groundbreaking innovations in functional ingredients. NemaLife dissolves inefficiencies in compound discovery and validation. Their AI-powered compound-agnostic platform unlocks nature's bioactives, positioning them as a strategic partner for true innovation in the food and consumer industry."

Janet Collins, Ph.D., Senior Vice President of Research and Development, and Regulatory Affairs at Motif FoodWorks with prior professional experiences at DuPont and the Institute of Food Technologists.

"With global changes in the regulatory environment, and rise in conscious consumerism and animal welfare activism, there is a need for non-mammalian testing, and NemaLife's approach fits this bill perfectly. I am happy to join the SAB, and drive conversations around regulatory acceptance of invertebrate testing for functional ingredients."

Chris Thoen, Ph.D., experienced Innovation and R&D Senior Executive with accomplished careers at Procter & Gamble, Givaudan and Buhler.

"Having led innovation in Fast-Moving Consumer Goods, AgTech, and Food & Beverage, NemaLife's C. elegans platform holds the potential to be a true game-changer in the ingredient space. By utilizing this platform, NemaLife can transform the way we understand ingredients, paving the way for groundbreaking advancements with high quality data sets generated in a time, resource and cost-efficient way. I am excited to witness the transformative impact that NemaLife's innovations will have in the health and wellness sectors."

Nimisha Srivastava, Ph.D., Senior Vice President of R&D at Twist Biosciences with decades of experience in microfluidic automation and scaling up new technologies.

"NemaLife's focus on New Alternative Methods resonates with my journey in synthetic DNA technology as the world transitions to sustainable technologies. Rather than using AI to make in-silico predictions of ingredient candidates followed by downstream mammalian testing, NemaLife starts with AI-based visual processing providing living evidence of ingredient health benefits accelerating product development."

Gaby Vreeken, a seasoned executive who has driven transformation in consumer goods at Unilever as Executive Vice President and Global Chief Marketing Officer at Bayer Consumer Health.

"NemaLife's AI and C. elegans-powered platform provides 'living proof' of bioefficacy and bioavailability with speed and sustainability. Excited to be part of a transformative journey in discovering better health and wellness solutions."


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