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August 2023 Industry News

Has Ozempic Opened the Door for Weight Loss Treatment Discoveries Using Functional Food Ingredients?

The anti-diabetes drugs Ozempic and Mounjaro have recently seen their off-label use for weight loss explode. However, these pharmaceutical drugs are expensive and come with a risk of significant side effects. As a result, consumers are looking for more affordable non-pharmaceutical methods for weight loss using functional food ingredients that improve their health. But how can companies take action to fast track their discovery for consumer demand? Read More


Can Black Garlic Help to Improve Your Cardiovascular Health?

Recently, a study found that eating black garlic can help to improve blood vessel function and reduce cholesterol levels, which might reduce the risk of developing heart

disease. Read More


Mitochondrially-targeted Sulfide Promotes Healthier Aging 


The 14th peer-reviewed publication that uses NemaLife's microfluidics-based platform has been published in the prestigious journal PNAS. This work was led by NemaLife's  academic collaborator Dr. Tim Etheridge at the University of Exeter, indicating that mtH2S increases the lifespan in C. elegans.  Read More


Can Synbiotics Improve Gut Health in Obese Mice?

Scientists are not yet sure. A recent study found some additive and synergistic effects of a synbiotic supplement on markers that indicate good gut health, but it also had the unexpected effect of reducing the overall diversity of gut bacteria. Read More


How Close Are We to Reversing A Nervous System?


Thoughts on how the insights gained from reverse engineering the simple C. elegans nervous system could be used to create virtual models of more complex nervous systems with the ultimate goal of reproducing the human brain in all its complexity.  Read More

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