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November 2023 Industry News

NemaLife Unveils Strategic Advisory Board

A panel of experts have joined NemaLife in the effort to transform ingredient discovery for functional foods, sports nutrition, and dietary supplements. This team brings a wealth of knowledge to the table, providing guidance as NemaLife strives to improve human and planetary health. Join in welcoming these exceptional individuals as they redefine the landscape of ingredient discovery.


A Natural Bioactive Extends Lifespan in Worms and Improves Mitochondrial Function 

Researches at the Buck Institute of Aging identified a mitophagy-inducing coumarin that extends lifespan in worms and improves mitochondrial function in mouse muscle cells. Coumarin is found in high concentrations in cinnamon and the study showed that its geroprotective nature comes from enhancing activity of genes involved in autography and lysosomal functions.  Read More 


The NemaLife Team Collaborates on Muscle Strength Study in Space-Flown Worms

Understanding negative consequences of space-flight is essential for humans to become multi-planetary species. This study used microfluidics to determine muscle strength decline in worms on the Space Station compared to Earth. Genes associated with stress pathways were found to be up-regulated, while mitochondrial and cytoskeletal genes were down-regulated.  Read More 


Two Fungi Used in Food Processes Have Probiotic Effects on Gut Inflammation

A new study characterized five strains of food-borne yeasts, and showed that two of them have anti-inflammatory effect. The authors evaluated survival in transit, adherence to epithelial cells and response to colitis in a mouse model. Interestingly, live and not dead cells showed anti-inflammatory effects. Read More 


A New Dietary Ingredient Database for Unlocking Health Insights

The Office of Dietary Supplements (ODS) focuses on advancing research and disseminating information on dietary supplements to optimize health. Their databases, the Dietary Supplement Label Database (DSLD) and the Dietary Supplement Ingredient Database (DSID) provide valuable insights into supplement products, helping healthcare providers, researchers, and federal agencies ensure product accuracy and safety. Ongoing efforts involve aiming to enhance database capabilities and address research gaps.  Read More 


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